nookzy is looking for intimate spaces host:

hot tubs

Right now, Nookzy is lending hot tub packages (including a modular shower, lighting and towel storage) to qualifying hosts.

canvas tents, 'hexayurts' and mini greenhouses

We're looking for places to put medium-sized ( 13 ft. diameter) tents and yurts, and other temporary structures, like tiny greenhouses. Have one of these, or space for one?

other small structures and shelters

We're looking for sheds, garages, tree houses, greenhouses, solariums, gazebos, and other small shelters to host small groups of people.

featured existing nooks:

free amenities for hosts:


For a limited time, Nookzy is offering to lend a hot tubs, miniature greenhouses and canvas bell tents to qualifying hosts who agree to make them reservable on the Nookzy platform.


logistics handled:

app handles reservations and scheduling, with auto-approve and veto functionality

access options, advising and solutions offered

we can help you make your space more accommodating:

self-contained showers

non-invasive restroom solutions

(more info here)


If you're looking to reserve a nook, return to the browse page here.