What do people use the spaces for?

We have been finding that most of our users tend to use our platform for unique dates (solo, friendly and romantic alike). Increasingly, we're seeking to cater to this demand, providing cozy and one-of-a-kind spaces that are suitable for spending quality time alone, or with one or several people.

How the process it works:


Apply using the host application form.


Nookzy will get in touch with you and figure out how to make the most out of your space, and learn more about your needs and desires. Ideally, your nook can be fun and amazing for you, too!


The Nookzy team will create a proposal for how to set up a nook (access, features, hours, host's involvement and/or criteria for vetting guests, and logistics/agreement about payments to host for use of space).


Upon approval of proposal, we will work with you to set up the nook, have it photographed, and list it on the Nookzy app according to the your criteria (hours of operation, capacity, quiet hours, blocked-off time, etc).


Users will be able to reserve hourly use of the space according to the terms set by the host. Users are vetted before entering the network, and there is a two-way rating system to ensure that all users are respectful, kind, and a genuine pleasure to host.


Hosts can visit the Host Portal to check on when their nook is reserved, to block off time for their own enjoyment of the space, change the hours and other parameters of the space, and see/ make decisions about who is planning to come use it. We will approve everyone who matches your criteria, but you always have the opportunity to veto. This way, if you don't have the time to approve all incoming reservations, your space will still operate, yet you always have the ability to regulate access.


Nookzy will distribute the agreed-upon proportion of the nook's earnings to hosts in monthly intervals.