Frequently Asked Questions:

How will you allow/disallow access to the space?

When applicable, we will install smart locks like August locks (check them out, they’re pretty neat), which can be accessed using iOS and Android devices within a specifiable window of time. One can set up the lock so that you get notifications when they access the lock and when they leave. Also, the mechanism is installed over your existing deadbolt on the inside of the door, so that it takes next to no effort to set up (if you list for public bookings, we’ll buy the lock and install it for you), and you can still use your key. This access solution works for most spaces, but we can work with you and your space to determine whether there are other ways to enable access if the smart lock solution doesn’t work (some locks are not compatible with these mechanisms).

What happens if someone is disrespectful of my space?

We invite our hosts to list a set of requests of their guests, and will emphasize in the checkout process that our guests respect their hosts’ wishes. Some things are obvious, but you may have certain noise level parameters and/or other preferences that you wish for your guests to respect, and it is their responsibility to meet those requirements. If a user does something mildly inconsistent with your listed preferences, you always have the ability to give them a rating that you think is consistent with their conduct. Ratings will be presented to you for each reservation request, and low rated users will be flagged so that you can be discerning about your guests. If someone has too low of a score, or if they do something that is really disrespectful, Nookzy will remove them from our platform and seek to rectify whatever lingering consequences of their behavior that there may be.

What is the point of Nookzy enabling the free use of space (i.e. for friend and family use), if Nookzy only receives commission from paid usage?

Besides the fact that Nookzy is fundamentally committed to encouraging sharing (this is its social mission) we also are aware of how it benefits us to have users on our network, since it is more likely that they will branch out and use paid services (like renting a pool or a tennis court or a hot tub or whatever) once they are users on the network. That being the case, we cannot add features to your space or generate your profile or profile content if it is not listed for public (i.e. paid) use.

For more information, see our Hosts Brochure, or feel free to direct any other questions to We’d be happy to answer any of them.